Optinskin Review

optinskin review

Getting more optins is key if you want to grow your online business. As many of you know, customizing optin forms on a website can be a tiresome task; however with optin skin, website owners have been given an effective, cleanly designed software program which makes building attractive, well placed, and properly tracked optin forms a breeze.

Try OptinSkin With A Money-Back Guarantee Now!

Optinskin is a plugin compatible with WordPress, and was created by well known blogger, Glenn Allsopp of ViperChill fame.

By using the OptinSkin plugin you can create professional looking optin templates at the top or the bottom of your blog posts. You can also add them to the sidebar, or pretty much anywhere else on your website / blog. This is all done through easy to use shortcodes.

Created with user-friendliness is mind, OptinSkin is both simple to setup and highly functional, with a comprehensive back-end menu that will allow you and other users to create exactly the look you need for your site.

Download the skin, activate it within WordPress, and you’re good to go.

Optinskin has eighteen different default design setups, so you’ll have a good base choice to get started from.

One of the key features is the ability to split-test all your forms, so you’ll be able to see exactly what forms are getting results; allowing you to tweak, change and alter your settings as needed; without all the painful guesswork so often required.

Each of OptinSkin’s defaults is completely flexible, so you can customize each of the 18 skins to your own personal requirments.

Fade-feature. This is used to create a fade effect when a user of your blog/site reaches a specific area of your site. This effect draws the users attention to the optin-form, helping to increase the likelihood of a sign-up occuring.

Real-time data. You’ll be able to keep track of exactly how many people are viewing your optins and how many are actually signing up. Again, this is a feature that will help you maximize your conversion rates.

Optinskin will work with all of the primary email response programs like Aweber, Feedburner, MailChimp, etc, etc. All you need to do is cut and paste the code provided by your response service into the provided Optinskin plugin form.

Does Optinskin Actually Work?

With its simple, clean design it’s a pretty looking piece of software. But how will it repay you?

Ask yourself, “if Optinskin can do what has been written above, will it be worth purchasing?”

In answer, I would say “yes”! And I can say, categorically, that it does deliver on all counts.

In addition to signups, you should also see an increase in social networking shares on Twitter, FaceBook, Google+, etc, etc. So there’s a double impact Optinskin can have on the success of your website.

Where Can I Download Optinskin?

You can download Optinskin right away from this link. There’s also a video, and further written information about the plugin, so you’ll be able to further decide if it’s the plugin for you.

Download it and give it a go. There’s a money-back guarantee, so you’ll have time to test it out on your own and find out if Optinskin is a plugin for you.

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    These are great customization of word-press theme, many internet user are looking for some theme that they can use in their online business. and I want to thank you for sharing the download source, I can try and visit this right away.
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