Zoolz Review

Zoolz is an online backup system that allows users to create a social cloud. Making use of Amazon’s cutting edge S3 Cloud Computing Technology, Zoolz allows you to share images, videos and files within a secured cloud environment.

With Family and Business friendly options, it will be of use to many types of computer user.

How can you make use of Zoolz?

Zoolz has it’s own Facebook application, and already has a vast user-base. Signing up is extremely simple and instantly gives you the ability to start sharing and saving.

Backup all your important files quickly and efficiently on Zoolz fully encrypted Amazon S3 based cloud.

Interconnecting with family members is easy, and can be done via a Facebook request or email. So creating your personal network requires no complex hoops to jump through.

At the present time it’s available for Windows, and Macintosh support is on the way.

You will need a reasonable broadband connection to fully make use of the service, especially if you’re uploading large files, but you don’t need anything more than standard broadband speeds.

Zoolz Business Service

zoolz review

The Zoolz business package is aimed at businesses who need to set up a private sharing network to store and share their files. The service doesn’t require any serious training courses and can be picked up quickly just to going over the interface and reading the help files.

No setup costs or addons are needed. Simply pay based on storage and the number of people using the cloud network.

As pointed out earlier, once invited onto someone’s network you will have access to their files. So Zoolz is best used as a private social cloud network for sharing either personal family pictures and videos, or as a business platform which allows easy access documents in a safely encrypted environment.

One other big plus to Zoolz is that family users can gain free storage space based on the number of people they invite into their social cloud networks. So the bigger your network, the more storage capacity you gain.

Zoolz Pricing Plans

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